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#14030 0.60

Posted BoeMan on 23 November 2012 - 08:33 PM

Mod: 1fx. Mod
Release date: Nov 23rd 2012

1fx. Core:
- Added message to inform Admins no nolower entity is added to the entity file when toggling nolower.
- Added g_publicIPs CVAR: if set to 1, it will show IP in the player statistics (set to 0 to prevent abuse). Default is 1.
- Added Noroof entity.
- Added g_useNoRoof CVAR (latched). Default is 0.
- Added Noroof Admin command.
- Added g_noroof CVAR to set the Admin level of noroof. Default is 4.
- Added Shuffleteams Admin command (!sh, /adm shuffleteams).
- Added g_shuffleteams CVAR to set the Admin level of shuffleteams. Default is 3.
- Added clanlist (!cl, /adm clanlist).
- Added removeclanlist (!rcl, !removeclanlist, /adm removeclanlist).
- Added g_noHighFps CVAR (333/1000 FPS Fix available for all gametypes now, not just H&S). Default is 0.
- Added Custom Command argument support.
- Added g_preferSubnets CVAR to handle Admins/Clan members on subnet rather than full IP. Default is 0.
- Added Shuffleteams entry in /adm.
- Added 'shuffle' synonym to the 'shuffleteams' Admin Command.
- Added synonyms to the "password" CVARs:
  • g_badminPass -> g_badminPassword
  • g_adminPass -> g_adminPassword
  • g_sadminPass -> g_sadminPassword
- Added g_ff CVAR to set the Admin level of Friendly fire toggling (default is 4).
- Added Friendly fire Admin Command (!ff, /adm friendlyfire and /rcon friendlyfire).
- Changed g_logSpecialChat CVAR: it won't broadcast a change now.
- Changed g_disableNades CVAR: a restart is now required (it always was, it just never notified the user).
- Changed g_useNoLower CVAR: a restart is now required (it always was, it just never notified the user).
- Changed AFK system: Admins are also forced to spectators when AFK.
- Changed (Optimized) /adm ? and /adm list, it should be noticeable faster now for the server and user alike.
- Changed (Optimized) map switch messages (in terms of size, speed and flexibility).
- Changed (Updated) IP2Country database to November 11th 2012.
- Changed date notation, now using ISO standard (primarily to avoid confusion for players).
- Changed g_passwordAdmins CVAR: it is now latched (so that this CVAR and g_preferSubnets cannot be active simultaneously).
- Changed (tightened up) bot handicap values.
- Changed voice chat flood checking (except in Deathmatch):
  • Clients that are alive can't hear spectators anymore (only ghosts and specs).
  • Clients cannot spam voice chats anymore by doing /team s repeatedly (or any /team command for that matter).
  • Voice chat penalty only gets reset now during spawn.
- Fixed people being able to lock the blue team while in spectators (during Competition Mode).
- Fixed Competition Mode round start messages not in sync with actual round start delay.
- Fixed 'zombies' argument not working with gametype Admin command.
- Fixed crash issue in Zombies (while being zombified).
- Fixed crash in banlist by not allowing an unsupported character.
- Fixed unban not working with large files.
- Fixed unban/adminremove via RCON not showing correct messages.
- Fixed loading alt/dev maps when a server is supposed to skip those commands.
- Fixed CTF returning flags when the game is paused.
- Fixed CRLF EOLs messing up in banlist.
- Fixed Admins/RCON being able to add passworded Admins when the password system was disabled.
- Fixed Admins/RCON being able to see the passworded Adminlist when the password system was disabled.
- Fixed Removeadmin command not removing a passworded Admin out of the password file.
- Fixed trigger_teleport: now it doesn't point at the same function as 1fx_teleport.
- Fixed glitch so armor and goggles could be used simultaneously.
- Fixed players losing Admin on map restarts and changes if being added to the password list.
- Fixed a bug that didn't update the user outfitting correctly with the availableWeapons CVAR and the g_disabledNades CVAR.
- Fixed Yaw axis not correctly updating in misc_bsp/blocker entity when used simultaneously with the Pitch axis.
- Fixed "lock all" command unlocking all teams when at least one team wasn't locked.
- Fixed bug where the code would still check nolower even if there wasn't a valid entity found.
- Fixed bug where the code would cause an invalid check in the g_useNoLower CVAR.
- Fixed roof opening/closing at the start of the map, while it should already be opened/closed.
- Fixed various Admin commands messing up admin list during Competition Mode Warm Up.
- Fixed /adm ? and /adm list not showing correct colors when splitting the packets in them.
- Fixed error in Adminlist when calling using RCON.
- Fixed error messages not printing to user in Adminlist.
- Fixed EOL modes (CR, CR+LF) messing up on Adminlist, passworded Adminlist and clanlist.
- Fixed bug when using RCON with adminremove.
- Fixed 333 FPS jumps still working with a gravity below 800 (but high enough to disallow 333 jumps for people with a regular FPS).
- Fixed clients not always getting all map switch message updates.
- Fixed bug where you could use short commands in the middle of a sentence which resulted in popping/kicking the wrong person.
- Fixed crash issue in DLL (using MinGW as compiler) when having a banlist with CR+LF line endings.
- Fixed 500 FPS glitches still working while they shouldn't (with the g_noHighFPS CVAR active).
- Fixed a crash issue that appeared when the round was about to end (and potentially after the map switch, trying to free the entity).
- Fixed g_gravity CVAR resetting every round.
- Fixed the code using the normal botname when a funname was clearly declared.
- Fixed bots not auto reloading at times.
- Fixed weird team_identity for bots when the code is running in dynlib mode (rather than QVM).
- Fixed bot list not always showing up bots.
- Fixed bots being continuously re-added to the server (when the bot_minplayers CVAR was set) when there were no available spawnpoints in the map.
- Fixed telefrag not working when friendly fire was disabled.
- Fixed old telefrag message (tried to invade someone's personal space).
- Fixed buggy !nonades Admin Command: it would still broadcast that nades are enabled when there are no nades enabled on the server.
- Fixed Forceteam not working on Admins with higher levels.
- Fixed bug where everybody was banned if the ban file could not be opened due to insufficient permissions.
- Fixed map switches to inf compatible maps not working using !map in conjunction with the H&S/H&Z gametype.
- Fixed gametype H&S or H&Z defaulting back to Infiltration when using /rcon map <mapname>.
- Fixed crash bug in clanlist when there are more then 100 people on it.
- Fixed bug where players sometimes got an error about too many connections from their IP.
- Fixed a bug where one player less was allowed to connect then the g_maxIPConnections CVAR represented.
- Fixed nonades command still being enabled even if the message stated this wasn't true.
- Fixed nonades not allowed message being bugged using RCON.
- Fixed space in chat when *adminprefix CVAR was empty but the client was still an Admin.
- Fixed no text in voice chat when it was flooded (penalty).
- Fixed clients not being able to connect to RMG servers running the H&S/H&Z gametypes.
- Fixed gametype Admin command not properly working with RMG.
- Fixed clients being able to pickup a backpack even if their ammo was full.
- Fixed backpack giving out grenades, even if it wasn't supposed to do so.
- Removed various debug functions.
- Removed "Respawned due to being spawned with no weapons" debug message.

- Added optional "sound" entry for the "booster" entity, so users can define their custom sounds to be played when the booster is touched.
- Added an improved cage function: users can now also spawn the big cage or spawn players in their original spawn points to fight at the end of the map.
- Added extended round statistics at the end of the round in Hide&Seek.
- Added a CVAR that enables/disables the extended round stats in H&S (hideSeek_ExtendedRoundStats). Default is 1.
- Added cool down of Invisibility Goggles in Hide&Seek.
- Added smoke effect that belongs to the Invisibility Goggles in Hide&Seek.
- Added new check for Cross The Bridge in Entity File ("minigame" "ctb" in worldspawn class).
- Added timer in Cross The Bridge, that determines how fast the hider crossed the bridge, and if the client should get a bonus point or not.
- Added blocked_teleporter in Cross The Bridge (so seekers can't spray one or more teleports that lead to safety).
- Added more spawnpoints on the bridge to add more randomness and reduce telefrag in Cross The Bridge.
- Added small knockback when using MM1 on hiders.
- Added /howto command, presenting a small tutorial for newcomers to Cross The Bridge.
- Changed sniper rifle in Cross The Bridge (does 100 damage now instead of 75).
- Changed amount of smokes in Cross The Bridge: hiders start with 4 now.
- Fixed seekers not getting the same amount of points added to their kills when killing hiders with special weapons.
- Fixed Hiders being able to respawn in the first 30 seconds even if seekers were released prior to that time.
- Fixed crash issue if H&S weapons didn't have a place to spawn (i.e. an entity file with no spawns or whatsoever).
- Fixed bug in Hide&Seek that didn't update the user outfitting correctly with the hideSeek_Nades CVAR (it enabled all nades instead of the selected ones).
- Fixed crash issue in H&S with auto eventeams too soon before entering the map.
- Fixed MM1 gravity not maintaining balance with actual g_gravity CVAR.
- Fixed altattack of Teleport nade (F1) not properly working in Hide&Seek.
- Fixed altattack of Box nade (MDN11) not properly working in Hide&Seek.
- Fixed scores in Hide&Seek not adding properly on the final round scoreboard.
- Fixed random hider appearing on the final round scoreboard that didn't even win the cagefight.
- Fixed buggy effects for weapons and such in H&S on maps that have effects stored in the entity file.
- Fixed flashing of body when using Invisibility Goggles in Hide&Seek.
- Fixed Invisibility Goggles not being handed out to seekers with Armor in the outfitting in Hide&Seek.
- Fixed Hiders not receiving any Nightvision Goggles in Hide&Seek.
- Fixed telefrag not working with teleports in Hide&Seek because the origins were slightly off.
- Fixed Hider/Seeker score not resetting when moving to the opposite team during EvenTeams in Hide&Seek.
- Fixed bug with players automatically going into a team upon connecting in H&S (code going out of bounds).
- Fixed hiders being able to smoke the choppers in Cross The Bridge.
- Fixed teleport still buggy in some maps.
- Fixed bug where the "There has to be minimum of x hiders" message gets broadcast to all players, instead of just the client that triggers the teleport.
- Fixed wrong weapon file loading in Cross The Bridge.
- Fixed Hide&Seek always resetting g_disableNades CVAR, regardless of what you set it during startup.
- Fixed that all hiders got a point for winning in Cross The Bridge: only the hiders that actually crossed it get it now.
- Removed g_crossTheBridge CVAR.
- Removed flame teleporters on the bridge in Cross The Bridge.

- Fixed Admins being able to enable Competition Mode in H&Z.
- Fixed Map Restart not properly working in Zombies (would default back to Infiltration, or could potentially crash).
- Fixed telefrag not working in H&Z as a whole (at both spawn and teleport).
- Fixed bug where you can still enable nades in H&Z (full outfitting reset, including AK74 and Shotgun).
- Fixed players automatically going into the red team upon connecting not properly working (except for bots) in H&Z.
- Fixed no zombie being selected when someone reconnected/disconnected between the selection of the random zombie and the actual spawning in H&Z.

#9106 Happy holidays!

Posted BoeMan on 25 December 2011 - 11:41 AM


We from 1fx. wish you all a happy Christmas and of course a happy new year! We sincerely hope your 2011 was good for you, and if not, maybe 2012 will bring slight or large improvements.

See you around the forums and server!

The 1fx. Team.

#17321 New members

Posted BoeMan on 07 July 2013 - 01:35 PM

Hi guys!

After lots of debating in the clan section we've chosen four new members to join our team: Hendruck, Latex, Arqo and Zapadlo. Congratulations and may you have a great time with the team and servers!

This automatically means recruitment is closed again. Thanks to everybody who participated applying! It's much appreciated to see so many good people apply. And, perhaps, until a next recruitment round!

#14485 Happy new year!

Posted BoeMan on 01 January 2013 - 11:20 AM

Howdy folks,

We from 1fx. would like to wish you all a happy 2013! Hopefully 2012 was a good year for you. For the Clan and Mod, this certainly was. May this year be as good as the last!

- The 1fx. Team

#13982 New forums are now live!

Posted BoeMan on 22 November 2012 - 02:10 AM

Hey guys,

After lots of drawbacks and efforts, the forum is finally back and up and running! As you can see we've upgraded pretty much everything, it should all be much more smooth now. If there are any features missing, be sure to let us know! If you still see the old skin mixed with the new skin, the skin rebuild didn't go so well. You should refresh the page a couple of times to get the correct, updated theme.

In the coming weeks we'll start optimizing the new box and re-organize the forums a bit. This shouldn't take too long, so I don't expect the forum to be "down" again soon.

Feedback is always appreciated. We hope you guys like it!

#10019 Future development and changes

Posted BoeMan on 05 March 2012 - 11:45 AM

Hello forum members,

A long awaited post from me for many of you. As all of you know, development has been rather slow and that's been mainly due to lack of available time from both of us. However, there are some upcoming large changes that I want to share with you guys, and I hope that development will speed up quite a bit.

Whenever I get time available I want to put my full attention in the 1fx. Core, with that I mean fixing general bugs. General additions will be made as well since we're still in the Alpha phase of 1fx. Mod 0.60. Whenever we pass the Release Candidate, bugs will mainly be fixed for the upcoming release.

Next to the 1fx. Core, Zombies will also get more attention. I hope to bring it to at least the same level as Hide&Seek right now, after that we'll look into the suggestions and will try to quickly finalize it and maybe even host a public server running it.

As for the BETA testers, nightlies will soon be uploaded automatically to the servers, so you won't have to wait for periodic releases from us.

Those are the upcoming Mod changes, on the forum a lot will happen as well. I've noticed a lot of spam coming in serious topics, such as Mod problems or even suggestions. This leads to the conclusion that we simply cannot have one forum for everything SoF2 related - it simply leads to too much spam and people might sign up for the wrong reasons. This is why I'm thinking of opening a second forum, a more serious one where spam will not be tolerated as much as well. That forum will be the source of everything development/Mod related (not your own questions though!). We'll keep the current forum for the clan, server and other miscellaneous stuff. This won't make everything easier, but it will be much more organized and specific to one's interests. More on this later.

We're also going to launch our website soon, after we make some changes to it and start filling it with content. Hopefully this launch will also terminate the floating pages we have everywhere - think of the roadmap as an example.

As with everything, this process will start once we have more time. I hope the upcoming changes are much more clear now. Expect more news soon.

#9190 1fx. Mod 0.59 Released!

Posted BoeMan on 05 January 2012 - 08:33 PM

Hey guys.

The long wait is finally over and you can now download 1fx. Mod 0.59 here. As we stated on the download, this is a released geared towards power-users and not general users, though everybody is free to try it out.

With this release we mark a new milestone for our project. With this important milestone achieved, we are happily moving towards the 0.60 release of the Mod. More updates regarding this release soon!

The 1fx. Team.

#9143 Status and future development

Posted BoeMan on 30 December 2011 - 11:07 PM

Hello guys!

A well deserved update for you all to read. First of all, I hope you had a wicked Christmas. Second of all, all of you that started to think we are dying: we are most definitely not!

1fx. Mod was planned to be released this month and unfortunately I didn't have the time to finalize 0.59 just yet. However, the good news is that I'm going to state a definite date for the Mod to be released, in order to avoid slacking from my part and something for us all to look forward to. The date 1fx. Mod 0.59 will be released is January 5th 2012. I will finalize the Mod from my part and release this Public Test version in public. Note this is in no way a final release of the Mod, we are still working towards the 1fx. Mod 0.60 release which will be the mainstream, user-friendly release. Even though being a Public Test and not a "real" release, we will treat this as a real release. That's only positive for you, since we will exclude debugging information and the Mod will be free to use wherever you want. Support will also be given, but please do not contact any of the Devs or post it in the shoutbox, please create a separate topic for us to assist you in instead.

BETA Testers will see this release a day (or half a day) before it's final release to the public. So a note to you guys, if you find any packaging problems: please report to me asap! Bugs won't get processed before the public release (since it's the same revision release), but feel free to post them in the Bug Tracker as well.

We still have a lot of work to do before 1fx. Mod (and with that especially H&S and H&Z) will be complete. Please create an issue in the Bug Tracker if you think you stumbled upon a bug. The bug will get processed by us and we will try to squash it prior to the next release.

Even though the forum's been pretty messy lately, our staff will try to keep it as clean as possible. Don't forget to post in the right section or you might not get the wanted reply!

January will be a pretty busy month. There are plans for a website which will be tested (or maybe even released) throughout January. I'm also going to discuss a new Bug Tracker system with Henkie. We will also introduce a new Roadmap system and of course the release of the ever secret 1fx. X Labs for BETA Testers. All those are details though, just look forward to us focusing fully on the Mod.

Suggestions always go into the same forum. Be sure to double check when posting!

We hope you are as excited as we are about the release of 1fx. Mod. Spread the news onto other forums/websites as well! Together we can work on a priceless Mod for anyone to enjoy.

Happy new year to everyone of you and you will hear more news soon!

The 1fx. Team.

#5378 New Members & Forum switch

Posted BoeMan on 18 June 2011 - 04:59 PM

Hey guys!

It's been a long time since I've posted something in the announcement section. These past months some changes have taken place in and around 1fx., and in the upcoming months more changes will follow. I will try to summarize the largest ones here.

First of all I want to congratulate those new members who haven't been noted in any announcement yet (so all of those who joined after January), so we like to welcome Usdrama, MiniS, leo, Bean, Dundy and Shoke into 1fx.! May the stay in our team be as pleasant as we'd like it to be.

Secondly, our Mod has been progressing a lot lately and we're growing towards the public release of 1fx. Mod 0.60. Right now all we're going to say is that it will be around September this year. If you like to keep a close eye on this, we recommend you to check our Roadmap often: http://1fx.uk.to/forums/roadmap

The third change is going to be a somewhat major change towards everything. In the coming months (again, no fixed date) we will switch the forum software from IPB to FluxBB. With this change we will convert all members, posts and topics so that you can login to the new board without any problems. Expect more news articles about this and if you want to check how FluxBB works, check their own forums: http://fluxbb.org/forums/index.php

Happy gaming!

The 1fx. Team.

#13506 1fx. Mod 0.60 release window

Posted BoeMan on 30 October 2012 - 07:46 PM

Hi members!

To keep things going by setting certain milestones I'm announcing a definite release window for 1fx. Mod 0.60.

1fx. Mod 0.60 will go final in week 47 - 18th November until 24 November. This means there's one release left for BETA Testers to test, the Release Candidate will be released to them in week 46. Remember, only the bugs that you find in the release candidate will be fixed, the rest will be in code freeze, so test thoroughly!

After 1fx. Mod 0.60 is released, BETA Releases will be available to the public as well. We do this because we have so many fixes/additions in a single version, that waiting for another version can take too long. If you, as a server owner, wish to run only the absolute stable, stick to the final versions instead of the BETA versions.

If you have any questions regarding this release, you can post them in the 1fx. Mod section, we will answer your questions there. Or, for more private matters you can send me a PM.

#7380 Recruitment and testing re-opened

Posted BoeMan on 16 October 2011 - 06:12 PM

Hey guys!

As of today people can post an application in a topic again. We resume this old method to look who's interested so we can recruit some new people into 1fx. You can post your application here.

Also, you can apply to be a BETA Tester again as well. We're looking for some new members to join our testing team, so if you're interested you can reply to the topic (with your application) here.

We're slowly growing towards the mature release of 1fx. Mod 0.60. Keep it locked on the forum for future updates.

Have fun playing on the server guys!

- BoeMan & The 1fx. Team.

#6365 1fx. Forums turn one year!

Posted BoeMan on 22 August 2011 - 09:27 PM

Hey guys,

It's official: these forums have been up for one year as of today! I want to thank all of you for posting and being active on these forums. It means a lot to us.

Some statistics:


Our Board Statistics

Total Posts
Total Members
Newest Member
Online At Once Record
    12 June 2011 - 01:48 PM

Posted Image

We hope for yet another year of 1fx. Forums!

Happy gaming,

The 1fx. Team.

#3041 January '11 Updates

Posted BoeMan on 28 January 2011 - 10:32 PM

Free, stable, optimized and cutting-edge.

These are the four things we told each other when we started to create 1fx. Mod. That's what we wanted it to become. And oh boy have we made some progress thanks to the huge fan base whose been supporting our Mod. Big thanks from Henkie and me to all BETA Testers, suggestion submitters, bug posters and others!

It's been quite a while since I posted something here and I thought it'd be wise to do so right now. January has been an exceptionally busy month for us, thanks to the BETA project that started a few weeks ago.

For those that don't know, you can still join our BETA Team (sign up here) and get equipped with the latest build of our Mod every once in a while. With this you'll help us get it as bug free as possible and optimize it like the majority would like it to see. Of course you won't be forgotten as you'll be noted down on the final credits list. More information can be found under the 'sign up here' link.

In-game wise this month has been more struggling as before, as we made a very important switch. We left v1servers after a few major continuous annoyances from our side and got a free sponsorship from i3D.net. We can't explain you how excited we are to be under their roof now, i3D being a major and respected provider in the game server market. If anyone from i3D ever reads this, thank you!

Our generally high player counts dropped rapidly when we first made the switch. After about 10 days it started to rise again and right now we're pretty satisfied with the results we're getting. Our game server is smoother then ever. Real pings are shown right now (this is not the case at v1servers or 2k3servers) and it's a lot less laggy then before.

This month we also got a hold of a new member, Stallion, who we're happy to have! Welcome to our team! I hope the stay will be as pleasant as possible. :)

I'm pretty much running out of inspiration right here. We hope you're as happy as we are in our current way of doing things. Don't be afraid to post if you find anything you strongly disagree with. We will give you concrete feedback and the feature you disagree with might be changed.

Thank you for a top January community! May February be just as pleasant. See you in game and on the forums! :)

- BoeMan & The 1fx. Team.

#2563 1fx. Mod BETA Testing

Posted BoeMan on 28 December 2010 - 03:51 PM

Hi Community!

Hereby I'm posting a blog entry about a re-schedule of things. In my previous Blog entry I posted that 0.55 will be our first public release. I'm sorry to announce that we've decided to keep it just a little bit longer to ourselves. We want this release to be right and if we rush it we might not get the release we originally planned.

Don't be disappointed though. If you were truly looking forward to running our Mod on your server(s) there's still a high chance you will get the next 0.55 release (and the ones after that) anyway. For our (upcoming) Mod(s) we've decided to introduce a new group. This group is named the 1fx. BETA Team and will be testing our new releases. More about this significant change can be read here.

We hope you're up to date with us once again and feel just as thrilled about this new concept as we are.

Last but not least, we wish you all a happy new year!

See you in the server!

- BoeMan & The 1fx. Team.

#22698 1fx. Mod goes gold!

Posted BoeMan on 09 April 2015 - 05:43 PM

Hi guys!

I'm thrilled to announce that I just finished the initial work on the first port of 1fx. Mod: 1fx. Mod on v1.03 (Gold)!

Posted Image
Initial work on the 0.78 port for SoF2 v1.03 (Gold).

This port is currently in development and will only be released as an official port once the public test versions that will follow are well received. I won't spend time on a port that most people aren't going to use.

This port will contain almost everything the official v1.00 Mod does, with a few additions and some features left out. Naturally, this port will not contain the RPM client-side code that the v1.00 port does but will instead support another client-side Mod on Gold. The idea is that for every future version a separate version for v1.00 and v1.03 will be released.

The v1.03 port will differ from the original v1.00 Mod in the following ways:
  • No RPM client-side support, instead the v1.03 version will support the latest ROCmod client-side.
  • The v1.03 port won't have the Hide&Seek and Zombies gametypes embedded. This is because the nades used in those gametypes aren't available in Gold. I could work around this issue but it would mean I'd have to make a custom ROCmod client-side for Gold. No problem, but this will obviously only be included if people really want (and thus request..) this.
  • Added demolition gametype (exclusive to the v1.03 version of the Mod).
  • No sv_allowDownload patch support because the v1.03 version already has this exploit fixed.
  • Proper Linux build that doesn't rely on 1fxlib. DNS resolving remains since our implementation is faster on frequent DNS updates.
  • Added Mac OS X build of 1fx. Mod for the Mac OS users. Only for this port because the original v1.00 version of the game was never released for Mac OS X.
  • All improved v1.03 code stuff, such as improved movement, leaning, etc. Some will be backported to the v1.00 version of the Mod.
  • Use of the g_available CVAR instead of the g_availableWeapons CVAR. This is mostly internal use only since server owners use the availableWeapons CVAR anyway.
  • And possibly many more differences in the future release..
The idea is to first release a few "preview" releases that showcase the functionality of 1fx. Mod on Gold. If it is well received and there's a relatively high demand for it, I will continue developing it. If not, this port will never be released as an official release of 1fx. Mod.

You can test/view the initial work on the "boe dev srv" server as shown in the in-game serverlist. This version doesn't have proper ROCmod client-side support yet.

Suggestions or feature requests to this are welcome. Remember that the popularity of this topic is largely responsible of where this port is going. I hope you're as excited about this as I am.

Keep an eye on this topic for updates...

Update May 11 2015: The first preview can now be downloaded from: http://1fxmod.org/gold/
Update May 27 2015: The second preview is now available: http://1fx.uk.to/for...__40#entry22817
Update May 28 2015: A crash fix is available for the first and second preview here: http://1fx.uk.to/for...__60#entry22826
Update July 31 2015: A bot weight bug fix is available here if you wish do not wish to wait for the 3rd preview: http://1fx.uk.to/for...__80#entry22912
Update September 16 2015: The third preview is now available: http://1fx.uk.to/for..._100#entry22958
Update October 16 2015: The forth preview is now available: http://1fx.uk.to/for..._140#entry23061 Developer flavor with crash logging and /dev here: http://1fx.uk.to/for..._160#entry23062
Update December 6 2015: The fifth preview is now available: http://1fx.uk.to/for..._240#entry23314
Update January 6 2016: The sixth preview is now available: http://1fx.uk.to/for..._280#entry23478

#16150 Team cleanup

Posted BoeMan on 17 May 2013 - 09:22 PM

Hey guys,

It's been a while since a team update, and I'm sorry for that. A lot is going to happen in the coming weeks, and I'd like to notify you about some of the coming changes in advance. There has also been a lot of discussion behind the scenes. Let's bring you up to speed.

First of all, I'm sorry to announce that makeveli decided to leave the team. He's been a great member and it is sad to see him go. We all wish him the best of luck in real life and SoF2 alike.

Due to the rather massive amount of members that never come, and are thus inactive, we also decided, as a team, to kick/retire some members. Some others only come once in a while, of those people some are given another chance. Here's the list of members that are no longer present in the team: Mercy, Linga, Godzilla, KokoJuice, Leo (was still in unofficially) and Fruit. We want to thank these people for all their valuable input and positive attitude towards the team. They will be missed.

Of course with this "team cleanup" there is space for new members, and thus room for a new recruitment round. I don't know when exactly this will happen, but it will happen soon. So be prepared, on the forum and in game!

Also the Mod, which has had a lot of thorough development in the past months, will reach another milestone soon. Same goes for Anticheat, so keep it locked on the Forums!

I hope that you are once again up to date regarding team and Mod news. And we'll see you in game!

- The 1fx. Team

#11932 Three days left to post your application

Posted BoeMan on 18 August 2012 - 12:34 PM

Hi folks,

You have three days left to finish your application and post it in the Application forum (till August 21 '12). Afterwards, 1fx. Members will continue contributing their votes and Elite 1fx. Members will give the final vote. This will take two weeks approximately (depending on member activity, it's summer break so it's bound to go a bit slower).

Thank you for your patience and your applications! And, of course, good luck!

#18426 1fx. Mod 0.71 released!

Posted BoeMan on 27 October 2013 - 11:15 PM

Not so long ago we released 1fx. Mod 0.70, the first of the new "testing" releases available from us. A small five months from that release, we present to you the second release in the Testing branch, 0.71.

0.71 contains mainly fixes to the core and the Hide&Seek gametype. Since we didn't have any magnificent changes, the original plan was to hold on to 0.71 a little longer. What made us release this version to the public was the addition of basic DoS protection, that will protect the server from some of the many attacks we've had lately on all servers (lag spikes). Those attacks are a bit more difficult to block firewall-level, hence we chose to include this in the Mod. Please note that, for now, this DoS protection is for Windows servers only. Linux servers might get supplied with iptables rules in the future.

Hide&Seek still contains a critical crash bug, so we strongly suggest Hide&Seek server owners to either help us track down the issue (PM me for more info) or hold on to the current version a little longer. 0.72 will be out soon with a H&S crash fix.


#17786 TeamSpeak 3 server shutting down

Posted BoeMan on 21 August 2013 - 12:09 PM

Hey guys,

I've decided to put a stop to the TS3 server we were hosting. My maintainer got removed a while back by some other Server Admin and I wasn't around to give it back (on holidays), so I temporarily shut it down. Now that I'm back, I'm getting more complaints about abuse and lag issues (caused by attacks).

Due to this, I'm putting a stop to the TS3 server. It was up for over two years, and it was never actively used by the clan. So hosting it was alright until people decided to mess around.

I'm very sorry to anyone that did actively use it. For those, there's a topic somewhere on Demobase with TS3 clan IPs, I'm sure you can use one of those in the future.

#16543 Recruitment opened!

Posted BoeMan on 17 June 2013 - 07:06 AM

Hey guys!

Recently we had a small team cleanup and some people decided to leave as well. So that leaves empty space in the team, which needs to be filled up again. As of today people can post an application in a topic again. We resume this old method to look who's interested so we can recruit some new people into 1fx. You can post your application here.

Happy applying, may some great new members come out of this! And, of course, good luck!