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In the past I've always found the need to quickly get the entities of a BSP file (which is a compiled map). Using utilities like q3map2 or q3map2toolz was always unpleasant to use as you often had to learn about the program itself and it just didn't result in 'downloading and executing the program'. A favored way of mine is to rip entities out of a .BSP file using a hex editor or similar tool, which deliver you the .ENT file much more quicker (given you know where to look).

This weekend I got sick of all this, if you wish to get the entities out of a .BSP file it shouldn't take more than 3 seconds (excluding what file to convert and where to store it), give or take. So I decided to write this little utility and within reasonable time I got a neat result which solved the most annoying thing about creating an .ENT file.

Please note that this utility was tested on SoF2 maps only, meaning I do not know if other Q3 based games might work or not. These are the maps I tested this utility on and all maps gave me the exact same result any hex editor or Bsp2Ent converter would give you:


mp_medium (RMG)
swimmingpool (Thanks Janno!)

So how do you use it? You execute "Bsp2Ent.exe", point the program to your .BSP file and point the program to your saving location. That's all!

This utility is released as open source, you will find a copy of the source code in the archive (Bsp2Ent-src.au3). You may freely distribute this package unmodified. Alternatively, feel free to make any additions you like. In both cases, be sure to note the original developer his name and to include a refer link to this domain!

Most programs have some bugs. If you find any (like a failed conversion) don't hesitate to post them in the comments section. Please note that this is a 32 bit executable file and will only work on Windows NT, 2000 and higher!


- BoeMan.

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • Fixed conversion errors on Windows 8.x (as reported and analyzed by Janno).

This is handy, thanks!
New version is out, which fixes conversion errors on Windows 8.x. Credits go to Janno for reporting this and analyzing the issue.

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