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  • Submitted: Aug 28 2010 10:41 PM
  • Last Updated: Sep 02 2010 04:06 PM
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  • 28 Aug 2010 Download [R.S.I] Fly Mod v33
  • 28 Aug 2010 Download [R.S.I] Fly Mod v33

Download [R.S.I] Fly Mod v33

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/* General *\
Some people requested this, and I happened to find it laying around on my Server. So.. Here it is. Fly Mod V33. I believe I ever published an updated Fly Mod V39, but I can't find it anywhere. Might upload it when I find it. Enjoy.

Edit: The updated V39 can be found here. Thanks Godzilla!

/* Change Log *\
New in V39:
- Boe!Man's latest "FagsGetLost Technology".

- New keys for Activating/De-Activating the Mod.

- Great Stability issues fixed.

- Great Speed increases, both Installer & Mod.

- Now fully compatible with the "Azerty" keyboard layout.


[The following has been copied from the Read-Me.txt file, which is included in the .ZIP]
[This is from the updated V39 Read me file. Please locate the link in the header]

/* Copyright Header *\
R.S.I Fly Mod V39
Written by [R.S.I]Boe!Man & [R.S.I]Henkie, February 7th 2009.
Tested by [R.S.I]BertTV, pK#Togo & pK#Prinz.
All rights remain to the Mod Writers.

/* Install Notes *\
- Copy the Installer.exe to your SoF2 Directory.
- Make sure SoF2 isn't running, then launch Installer.exe.
- After completion start SoF2MP.
- Go in a RPM-Based server, open console and type: exec FlyConfig.cfg
- Minimize/Quit SoF2, go to your SoF2 Directory and start "R.S.I Fly Mod V39.exe".

/* Usage *\
- "F9" key Loads/Activates the Mod.
- "F10" key Unloads/De-activates the Mod.
- "F11" will force SoF2MP.exe to shut-down (in-case the operation fails).
- "F12" shuts down the R.S.I Fly Mod V39.

Activating the Mod will cause your SoF2 to hang. Don't worry, it's completely harmless. Activating can only last for 59 seconds, after 59 seconds you'll go spec. After 50 seconds, you'll hear "Holy Shit", as a reminder that the time's almost up.

dont work for me :(
maybe can u change the keys to use it " [" n ] isnt goodxd
Still got the source. Perhaps I'll update it later so you can set your own keys etc.
Updated version, that Godzilla found (thanks!), can be found here.
I wait 5 minutes and nothing happens
do you help me boe :)?
Be sure to deactivate it. You need to press the key twice.

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