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map edit ent

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Posted 13 August 2017 - 10:45 PM

Hello everyone, I'm back and I got more questions than ever :) (I hope people are still here ^^)

so... I was looking for some explanation about the different attributes of a .ent file
like "classname" for example, which classes i can use? what are the requirments for a class to run properly?
I was editing maps like usual and came across a need for a huge invisible wall, up untill now i would do the following:

"classname" "blocked_teleporter"
"origin" "0 0 0"
"mins" "-99-99-99"
"maxs" "99 99 99"

simply making a blocked teleporter with no target makes it not possible to go through
and adjusting the mins/maxs to get it to the size I want

then I was wondering... why can't I use "func_static" for that? is it because a function has to use a model?
if anybody could tell me all the different classnames i can use and explain a little bit what each one require would be very appreciated
if its too much lets start with the invisible wall thingy :)

thanks in advance, Kaua!

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Posted 15 August 2017 - 01:21 AM

I use blocked trigger for invisble walls.
"classname" "blocked_trigger"
"origin" "7960 4874 -500"
"mins" "0 0 0"
"maxs" "500 20 600"
"bspmodel" "instances/kamchatka/npc_jump1"

Here a list of ent stuff

View PostBoeMan, on 20 June 2011 - 02:38 PM, said:

These are the entities that get parsed by our code, some SP emulated stuff might work beside this but we cannot modify them. Check the following table:

spawn_t	spawns[] =
	// info entities don't do anything at all, but provide positional
	// information for things controlled by other processes
	{"info_player_deathmatch",			SP_info_player_deathmatch},
	{"info_player_intermission",			SP_info_player_intermission},
	{"info_notnull",				SP_info_notnull},		// use target_position instead

	{"func_plat",					SP_func_plat},
	{"func_button",					SP_func_button},
	{"func_door",					SP_func_door},
	{"func_static",					SP_func_static},
	{"func_rotating",				SP_func_rotating},
	{"func_bobbing",				SP_func_bobbing},
	{"func_pendulum",				SP_func_pendulum},
	{"func_train",					SP_func_train},
	{"func_timer",					SP_func_timer},
	{"func_glass",					SP_func_glass},
	//{"func_wall",					SP_func_wall},

	// Triggers are brush objects that cause an effect when contacted
	// by a living player, usually involving firing targets.
	// While almost everything could be done with
	// a single trigger class and different targets, triggered effects
	// could not be client side predicted (push and teleport).
	{"trigger_always",				SP_trigger_always},
	{"trigger_multiple",				SP_trigger_multiple},
	{"trigger_push",				SP_trigger_push},
	{"trigger_teleport",				SP_trigger_teleport},
	{"1fx_teleport",				SP_trigger_teleport},
	{"trigger_hurt",				SP_trigger_hurt},
	{"trigger_ladder",				SP_trigger_ladder },

	// targets perform no action by themselves, but must be triggered
	// by another entity
	{"target_give",					SP_target_give},
	{"target_delay",				SP_target_delay},
	{"target_speaker",				SP_target_speaker},
	{"target_print",				SP_target_print},
	{"target_laser",				SP_target_laser},
	{"target_score",				SP_target_score},
	{"target_teleporter",				SP_target_teleporter},
	{"target_relay",				SP_target_relay},
	{"target_kill",					SP_target_kill},
	{"target_position",				SP_target_position},
	{"1fx_position",				SP_target_position},
	{"target_location",				SP_target_location},
	{"target_push",					SP_target_push},
	{"target_effect",				SP_target_effect},

	{"path_corner",					SP_path_corner},

	{"misc_teleporter_dest",			SP_misc_teleporter_dest},
	{"misc_model",					SP_misc_model},
	{"client_model",				SP_model_static},
	{"client_model1",				SP_model_static},
	{"misc_G2model",				SP_misc_G2model},
	{"misc_portal_surface",				SP_misc_portal_surface},
	{"misc_portal_camera",				SP_misc_portal_camera},
	{"misc_bsp",					SP_misc_bsp},
	{"terrain",					SP_terrain},
	{"func_door_rotating",				SP_func_door_rotating},
	{"door_rotating",				SP_func_door_rotating},
	{"door_sliding",				SP_func_door},

	{"model_static",				SP_model_static },
	{"nv_model",					NV_model },
	{"blocker",					NV_misc_bsp},

	{"gametype_item",				SP_gametype_item },
	{"gametype_trigger",				SP_gametype_trigger },
	{"gametype_player",				SP_gametype_player },
	{"mission_player",				SP_mission_player },

	// stuff from SP emulated
	{"func_breakable_brush",			SP_func_static},
	{"fx_play_effect",				SP_fx_play_effect},
	{"1fx_play_effect",				SP_fx_play_effect}, // internal use so we can clean it up
	{"nolower",					nolower},
	{"blocked_trigger",				NV_blocked_trigger},
	{"blocked_teleporter",				NV_blocked_Teleport},
	{"booster",					SP_booster},
	{"teleporter",					SP_teleporter},
	{"reachable_object",				SP_sun},
	{"hideseek_cage",				hideseek_cage},
	// The following classnames are instantly removed when spawned. The RMG
	// shares instances with single player which is what causes these things
	// to attempt to spawn
	{"light",					0},
	{"func_group",					0},
	{"info_camp",					0},
	{"info_null",					0},
	{"emplaced_wpn",				0},
	{"func_wall",					0},
	{"info_NPC*",					0},
	{"info_player_start",				0},
	{"NPC_*",					0},
	{"ce_*",					0},
	{"pickup_ammo",					0},
	{"script_runner",				0},
	{"trigger_arioche_objective",			0},					

	{0, 0}

Hope this helps.

#3 empy


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Posted 15 August 2017 - 01:23 AM

Tons of stuff explaining editing.

#4 kaua



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Posted 15 August 2017 - 06:44 PM

View Postempy, on 15 August 2017 - 01:23 AM, said:

Tons of stuff explaining editing.

thanks alot!

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