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Caserun gametype with weapon pickups enabled

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Posted 09 January 2018 - 05:09 PM

I am running Caserun(gt_inf) on a homemade server.

Caserun gametype:
Blue and red can hold the case, you get teampoints accordingly to who is holding the case. Respawn interval is enabled in this gametype and runs on inf - g_caserun 1.

Now I have enabled weapon pickups from Deathmatch gametype. I have done this by adding/editing the script/inf.gametype file. I basicly added a .pk3 file to the base/mp direction. This contains an altered inf.gametype file, which enables pickups in infiltration. The file is added as an attachment

But by going outside the mod boundaries like so, you spawn with a pistol as happens in DM when pickups are enabled. I do use g_CustomWeaponfile to load the nd.WPN. But it only takes effect when u spawn and manualy do /adm normaldamage (!nd).

There are two main cvars for DM:
seta g_pickupsDisabled "0" // [DM] Setting to 1 enables default outfitting (as specified) and disables the pickups.
seta g_tdmUseTeamSpawns "0" // [TDM] Setting to 1 sets the gametype to use the team spawnpoints instead of the DM ones.

Could you change the way DM handles the game when pickups are enabled and thus in other gametypes? Perhaps a cvar that will allow you to load an outffiting, as well as enabling weapon pickups.

Besides this, could you also add the possibility to add "pickup_backpack" in caserun/inf/any gametype. Right now it only seems to work in CTF.
Other pickup_xx work fine in caserun/inf/xx.

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Posted 29 January 2018 - 09:45 AM

good job i still remember when we were able to playing caserun at 3D and aT

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