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0.82 Development roundup

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Posted 19 May 2018 - 07:04 PM

Yes folks, 0.82 is finally ready to be released, almost a year after the release of 0.81. It's been a while, but you may remember the development cycle of 0.82 focused primarily on releasing 1fx. Mod for Demo and introducing a new voice chat system, both included in this release.

It took me a while to develop the features planned for 0.82, for reasons you'll understand later. And no, this doesn't involve me being lazy or me neglecting SoF2, quite the contrary. First, let us focus on 1fx. Mod 0.82 and all the new stuff it brings!

Fix for the "update" exploit
I can imagine that some of you are thinking: "Huh? What exploit?". That means we've done a good job keeping this exploit quiet so we didn't have to release a hotfix for 0.81. As far as I know, this exploit hasn't been spotted in the wild nor abused by anyone on any servers.

So, what exactly is it? The update exploit exists only in Windows versions of SoF2. It doesn't matter which version: all public versions are vulnerable, from Demo to Gold. Linux servers are unaffected. The exploit tells a server a patch is available and where it can download the patch information from the internet.

Posted Image

This information file SoF2 tries to download is not checked: it can be any file of any size. That means you can tell a SoF2 server to download patch information from test files that are e.g. 10 GB. This will certainly cause SoF2 to hang for a long period of time, or, if it runs out of memory, crash the whole server.

The new version of 1fx. Mod has this exploit fixed: anyone trying to tell the server an update is available is quietly discarded. That does mean that upgrading to 1fx. Mod 0.82 is highly recommended for all that either host SoF2 servers professionally or at home on a Windows platform.

Of course, even if you don't run Windows, there's other stuff to get excited about in this release.

Demo support
Following Gold, Demo is now an official platform we build 1fx. Mod for. Following up on the work on OpenDEMO, 1fx. Mod has backported the changes necessary for Demo support so all the core stuff just works. Gametypes like Hide&Seek and Humans&Zombies are disabled though due to missing assets such as skins, models and effects. Also there's only a Windows build available since SoF2 MP TEST was only ever released on Windows.

Posted Image

Still, I'm proud that this is the first real Mod on Demo, based on a SDK. Every other core aspect of 1fx. Mod works on Demo, such as Admin support and Competition Mode. If you're a fan of Demo and host a server, I hope you'll try out 1fx. Mod one day. For a limited time we also host a couple of 1fx. Mod-based Demo servers ourselves. Go check them out in-game!

Like I mentioned before, 1fx. Mod is based on OpenDEMO. The code is open source and can be found on GitHub. If you're interested in the code, the README on GitHub is a good place to start. You may always open up a topic for further questions.

The initial release of this code is offered as a courtesy for the demo community. I don't have any further plans to work on any of the client stuff. Please feel free to continue my work by forking the repo.

New voice chat system
The other big change in 0.82 is the introduction of the new voice chat system. The new system goes by the name of the MVCHAT sound system, where MVCHAT stands for: Multilingual Voice Chat.

Posted Image

The new MVCHAT sound system supports the following:
  • 1-999 sound tokens, extending the previous token limit of 200 greatly.
  • Support multiple languages per sound token, namely:
    • English (en)
    • Spanish (es)
    • Chinese (cn)
    • German (de)
    • Russian (ru)
  • Support gender sounds per sound token language.
  • Auto-select male/female sound dependent on skin or force gender when explicitly set.
  • Customizable default language per sound token.
  • Customizable "NEXT" sound (#n chat token).
As you might notice, even though there are 999 sound tokens available, the limit of actual sounds can exceeded 999 as one sound token may hold up to a maximum of 10 actual sounds across languages and genders.

Posted Image

We've covered how to use the system extensively in this topic. When upgrading, keep in mind you absolutely need the new files (present in 1fx/files/mvchats) in order for the new system to work!

That's it for 1fx. Mod 0.82. I hope you like the changes. If you want to know all the changes in this release, make sure you consult the full change log once the release is out.

1fx. Mod 0.82 is scheduled to be released in the coming days, so unless something else comes up you should see it relatively soon. Be sure to keep an eye on the forums!
Kind regards,


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