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Unused skins

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#1 lumatom



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Posted 11 September 2019 - 05:21 PM

So the other day I was messing around with the base files and I stumbled upon a number of skins that I've never seen before (in multiplayer).

Check the official artwork and what the skins look like in game here (videos are at the bottom): https://imgur.com/a/R6Nl0Xr or in the folder /skins/gfx/playericons/.

I found the following unused skins:
  • NPC_ChemSuit_Mullins
  • NPC_ChemSuit_Russian
  • NPC_ChemSuit_w1
  • NPC_ChemSuit_b1
  • NPC_Taylor_Chem
  • NPC_Civilian_Raincoat
  • NPC_Sam_Injured
  • NPC_Sam_Suit
  • NPC_Torture_Victim1
  • NPC_Torture_Victim2
  • NPC_Prometheus_Scout
Some more skins but these actually reuse already playable skins:
  • NPC_Prometheus_Sergeant
  • NPC_Prometheus_Demolitionist
  • NPC_Prometheus_Soldier_Elite
  • NPC_Prometheus_Prometheus_Soldier_Commando (Same model as Scout)
  • NPC_Finca_Demolitionist2_guard1
  • NPC_Finca_Demolitionist2_guard2
  • NPC_Finca_Demolitionist2_guard3
  • NPC_Prometheus_Snow_M60Soldier1
  • NPC_Prometheus_Snow_M60Soldier2
  • NPC_Prometheus_Snow_M60Soldier3
I wondered why these skins weren't playable, so I dug a little deeper. I first checked if the textures/models were actually there, which they were. Then I compared some of the already playable skins files with the "missing" ones. So basicly, all the unplayable skins had the line deatmatch "no" in the npc's file. Removing this line made the skins playable again. I also added two additional lines, mp_identity and mp_team.

Npc files can be found in the folder /therest/npcs/.

Furthermore the raincoat skin also had an invalid naming convention, as there should be 3 spaces in the file name.

Before: NPC_Civilian_Raincoat (rainsuit).jpg
Fixed: NPC_Civilian_Raincoat ( rainsuit ).jpg

Sadly I couldn't get the plastic bag working in the torture victim's skin.

I also stumbled upon some addition models:
  • Raincoat2
  • Raincoat3
  • Woopy
Since the lack of official artwork it let me to believe that these were custom made. The lack of textures on the head of one of the skins seems to further confirm that. If anyone wants the "fixed" pk3 files (or standalone files) I can upload them somewhere, just let me know.

Found some unused skins, fixed the npc files and got them working again.
Check the artwork and videos here (videos are at the bottom): https://imgur.com/a/R6Nl0Xr

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Posted 13 September 2019 - 04:36 PM

Hi Tom!

Cool stuff. I remember some of them from when I was playing through the single player a decade ago. :) Always awesome to deep dive through the game assets.

Maybe, if you have time and feel like it of course, you can check the skins with the missing textures and stuff in the leaked Beta: http://1fx.uk.to/gam...SoF2 - 0.13.zip It contains some stuff that was never supposed to be seen by the public such as an unused bot menu, some search and rescue test map and probably a lot more.

In any case thanks for sharing!
Kind regards,


#3 lumatom



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Posted 14 September 2019 - 01:52 PM

Yeah, if I have the time I will definitely check it out. ^_^

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Posted 12 October 2019 - 10:39 AM

Great work buddy.
Also how did you flip the camera in that video, to view the front of the skin?

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