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The end!

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Posted 06 February 2020 - 08:49 PM

Dear friends, 1fx. Members and visitors,

Over a decade we've spent working on 1fx. Mod, and it's hard to let such a massive project go. But it is simply time to throw in the towel.

You may have noticed almost no activity in the past years, and for 1fx. Mod this is certainly true. Behind the scenes I've been working on two projects, namely SoF2Plus (2017-2018) and iosof2mp (2018-2019). SoF2Plus was intended to be an open source enhanced dedicated server replacement, whereas iosof2mp was intended to be a full engine replacement, client and server, for SoF2MP.

Yes, iosof2mp was definitely a project too large to undertake on my own. The last half year I forced myself working on the project but still hardly making any progress. Working on a hobby project shouldn't be that way.

I wish I would've spent the remaining time on SoF2Plus or even 1fx. Mod, but it's pointless to have regrets now - I've had a great time working on all the projects and I've learned a lot. Even if we don't take available time in regard, SoF2 isn't the game it was three years ago. There simply isn't demand for such a project, and it therefore doesn't make a lot of sense to continue either project.

Nevertheless, both projects are free software and the source code is available under the GNU GPLv2. People are free to fork and continue the projects as they see fit. Besides the projects already open source, Henkie and I have agreed to also open source 1fx. Mod under the GNU GPLv2, which will become available in the coming months.

Besides just 1fx. Mod, we still host quite some services online. I've assembled a list of services and whether they will change in the coming months:

  • 1fx. Mod website - remains online. This includes everything except the nightlies page.
  • 1fx. Forums - will disappear. Existing Mod-related posts will be migrated to 3D Forums to a 1fx. sub forum, which will also remain available for support questions.
  • 1fx. Mod nightlies - will disappear.
  • 1fx. Master server (master.1fxmod.org) - remains online.
  • Raven Software Master server (master.sof2.ravensoft.com and others) - remains online.
  • The e-mail addresses boe@1fxmod.org and henkie@1fxmod.org - will disappear.

The forums will remain available until the end of March, after which they will go offline permanently. More details on the migration will follow.

Formalities aside, I've had a blast working on 1fx. Mod and playing the game. We've had really good times and we feel like we've achieved a lot. It doesn't feel right throwing together a thank you list, I'd hate forgetting someone who should have been on there. You know who you are.

Thank you all and I'm sure I'll be seeing you in game from time to time.

Kind regards,


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