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Posted by mercy on 10 July 2011 - 11:25 PM

Hm, i don't know if 1fx zombie mod has scoreboard, i mean on 2k3 when the map ends the scoreboard will appear, on that scoreboard you'll see best hider and so for h&s

but for zombie i think most kill or something.

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Yeah this isn't included yet. Can you attach a screenshot of it? If you, or someone else, can also provide us the 'scores' folder in their RPM 2k3 FTP, that would be great.

Posted Image There you go,

and comu's sent you the lastest version of RPM 2k3 i think you should have it already? file named gt_h&s.qvm

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The final score board is still buggy in H&S as well.. So low priority for now, we'll include it when this has been dealt with.

can it be top 5 players instead of top 3 ? or maybe something extra as best rpg killers or best bludgeoners

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Won't be fixed, imo this scoreboard has little value in H&Z. It's better to use the regular INF/ELIM etc. awards.

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