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Close sections of map.

Posted by empy on 30 October 2015 - 12:58 AM


You have the entity classes nowhole, noroof and nomiddle very usefull for ctf. But isn't it an idea to create something where you can customize the message it says. This could be usefull for hide&seek maps that are normally to big,


"classname" "misc_bsp"
"bspmodel" "instances/Generic/fence01"
"origin" "-7350 -7790 150"
"angle" "90"
"target" "blockrightside"

"classname" "mapblocker"
"targetname" "blockrightside"
"message" "The right side will close in 5 seconds!"
"auto" "yes"
"wait" "5"
"team" "all"
"min_players" "3"

I believe this is possible already. There's a map in the 1fx mod, if i recall correctly, the map finca with the pool in alternate maps folder.
I believe there were messages broadcasted at these map closures.

Emperor means custom messages upon closure. Those are hardcoded messages.

Well that code didnt make any sense too me;p

Yep I get it now. The problem with it is that you can only use it once. So I cant block multiple parts with it with different amount of players.

A class that toggle other classes on player amounts basically.

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If I recall correctly, you can link multiple entities to a nolower, nomiddle or nowhole entity, so I'm sure that's not the problem.

I'll implement this, but they do render nolower, nomiddle and nowhole a little useless like this, I'll have to think about whether it's useful to let those three remain if we have one generic blocker.

I guess you should keep nolower, nomiddle and nowhole because some maps are edited like this already. Thanks anyway!

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So let it remain this way? Possibly for the best indeed.

The problem with nolower nomiddle and no whole that it is specific for one location. If I want to block the upper tunnel as example on mp_finca I can use them but it will look ugly, and there are only 3 of them.

Re-open it as a suggestion?

It's not specific for one location, you can link as many blockers, models or other entities to it as you want. It's only limited to the amount of players per segment.

Take a look at the example here: http://1fx.uk.to/for...tem/#entry19081

So when I block uppertunnel I get one of these message's: Whole is open/closed. Middle is open/closed. Lower is open/closed. Roof is open/closed. Makes no sense.

You have a fair point. I will make the generic blocker, using the no* system it's a small issue anyway.

I'll have the three entities remain for CTF, they'll have the added advantage that there's no additional customization required.

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