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teleport area

Posted by empy on 30 October 2015 - 08:25 PM

What about a class in which you can define an area in a map that should teleport players.


"classname" "areateleport"
"orgin_from_a" "-100 -100 50"  point a
"orgin_from_b" "100 100 100" point b  //the two points where the teleport area should be.
"origin_to" "666 666 666"
"angles_to" "0 180 0"
"team" "both"
"max_players" "0"
"min_players" "0"

Why dont you use the trigger_teleport function? Every model can be used, so most of the times youhave enough choice!

Trigger_teleport sucks.

I agree with Hans, why does it suck? You can easily attach it to a part of the map.

Well back then I wanted a big space where people would be teleported. The problem is that the only big thing there is that is flat and rectangular is a bridge. After that the biggest thing is.. I don't know but it is small compared to the bridge. And you cant rotate them.

You don't necessarily need a model to make this work, that's what NV's blocked_teleporter is for.


"classname" "blocked_teleporter"
"origin" "-50 1078 650"
"mins" "-100 -100 -100"
"maxs" "100 100 100"
"target" "test"
"classname" "target_position"
"targetname" "test"
"origin" "862 1077 612"
"angles" "0 0 0"

Your mins/maxs can be as big as you want.

This does exactly the same what I wanted in the first place:p thanks.

Where can I find all the NV mod entities?

changed status to: No Bug
changed fixed-in version to: 0.77

I'll close this as a no bug then. ;)

Here is a list, albeit a little bit outdated: http://1fx.uk.to/for...lude/#entry5439

All the included NV entities start with NV_*.

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