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weapons models ingame

Posted by empy on 16 December 2015 - 02:26 AM

Could this modified so it could be used:
/*QUAKED misc_G2model (1 0 0) (-16 -16 -16) (16 16 16)
"model" arbitrary .glm file to display

Or anyway to show weapons as there are not md3's for every weapon?


I don't know why they've removed it, but they probably had good reason to. I'll check it out.

If I understand correctly, you just want to use this to show weapon models? Fixed, somewhere in the map?

The original code is broken, but I've managed to get it working a little bit, it still requires a lot of information such as animation times etc. Seems a little bit too much to have this exposed through the entity system. What weapon do you want to display in-game? Are you sure there's not a regular md3 available for it?

Yup. All kind of weapons. There are md3 but only for 3 weapons orso.

Check out the mp_shop map of 3D for weapon md3 models. Or do you need it on gold?

As i said hans only for a few weapons.

misc_G2model is too complicated to be used for most players and too broken to fix up nicely.

So I got around this "issue" and fixed it with a new entity, entitled "misc_weaponmodel". You can spawn any weapon with no effect at all (cannot be picked up) at the desired origin and angles.

It works like this:

"classname" "misc_weaponmodel"
"model" "knife" // Friendly wepon name specified, same as !wp for example (you can check those in-game). Also case-insensitive.
"origin" "0 0 0"
"angles" "0 0 0" // Or angle (will only take yaw (left/right), the second number).

Example entities:
"classname" "misc_weaponmodel"
"model" "MM1"
"origin" "130 1078 650"
"angle" "90"
"classname" "misc_weaponmodel"
"model" "ANM14"
"origin" "80 1078 650"
"angle" "0"
"classname" "misc_weaponmodel"
"model" "AK74"
"origin" "30 1078 650"
"angles" "60 90 120"

Which would result in:

Hope this solution is adequate for you.

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Thanks a lot this is really Nice!

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