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skinbug caserun

Posted by hansvanwillekom on 24 December 2015 - 06:59 PM

Sometimes you'll get a skinbug (looks like 4 dead bodies around you) when playing caserun. Probably because of the amount of dead bodies not dissapearing.

Think this is a client bug that if you want it to be fixed it needs to be downloaded. Just do in options that the bodies dissapear.

changed severity to: 1 - Low
changed version to: 0.78t (Gold Preview)

This is indeed client-side related. It might be a simple CVAR value that needs to be increased, so more skins can be shown, or this is an engine limitation (more likely).

I'm not closing this as no bug so I can check it out for the client additions. If I find a neat fix, I'll make sure this gets merged in 1fx. AC so you can also benefit from it on v1.00.

Couldn't reproduce it on Gold, can any of you reproduce that behavior on Gold? I've only seen it on v1.00 thus far.

If this is only v1.00 related I will close this and create a similar ticket in the AC bug tracker.

changed version to: No Version Assigned
changed severity to: 0 - None Assigned
changed version to: 0.77

changed status to: No Bug
changed fixed-in version to: 0.77

Closing this, as it appears on Gold feel free to reply so I can re-open this issue.

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