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not enough spawns

Posted by empy on 09 January 2016 - 03:05 PM


Something that when there are not enough spawns the guys that cant spawn should be forced to spec so they wont telefrag each other and make the server crash.

Ye something like that:p


Like in roxmod they use this:
seta sv_maxclients  "15" // Number of slots
seta g_maxGameClients   "15" // Max players that can play, the rest can only be specs

Would be great!

changed severity to: 2 - Fair

The functionality you described present is also in 1fx. Mod, it's default SOF2 code and it doesn't fix the problem you described.

In its core, it's a problem with the map you're playing since it doesn't provide enough spawns. But, on the other hand, 1fx. Mod shouldn't crash the server and/or clients either. I'll look into this, thanks.

So you say when I do sv_maxclients 64 and set g_maxGameclients to the amount of spawns you can still join a team?

oh wait.. that is for all teams. What about something like g_maxRedteamClients and g_maxBlueteamClients. Or just make it automatic, so it will count the amount of spawns for a team and it will never be able to have more players than spawns.


I think this will not be a solution, a better one would be having a better fix for the spawns.

The problem is that it will always lead to people not being able to play. Instead you could just put sv_maxclients to a lower value since your server can't handle the players in-game. It sucks not being able to play even though there are still, for example, 10 player slots free. Imo that's not a proper fix or even a good workaround.

I will fix the crashing issue but I won't do anything about the teams. It's the server owner his responsibility to have the required amount of spawns once he puts it to a high value, like 64.

But can you keep sv_maxclients at 64 for the whole mapcycle and change g_maxgameclients for the amount of spawns in a map in the mapcycle file?
sv_maxclients 64

command "map mp_shop"
[b]g_maxcGameclients 64 < only 64 spawns in this map[/b]
scorelimit 0
timelimit 15
g_roundtimelimit 4
g_gametype h&s
command "map mp_finca"
g_maxcGameclients 32 < only 32 spawns in this map
scorelimit 0
timelimit 15
g_roundtimelimit 4
g_gametype h&s

So you are saying this wont work? Because this a good work around.

Edited by empy, 12 January 2016 - 02:00 PM.

so server has 64 slots. but in some maps only 32 players can play? the rest of forced to spectate for 15 minutes? well, that makes people rq.. just make in every map enough spawns (~40 since the chance that more ppl in the server will be is very small) and the 'bug' is solved?

We cant make 64 spawns for every map in a few days. So while we are making maps and pushing the finished maps to the server one by one we want people to enjoy the 64 spawns on a map and not let them telefrag and crash on 32+ spawn maps. So my question is simple: will the above work?

@cortez So you think a whole server is going to rq if a few cant play because there arent enough spawns? Or are you saying that the people who cant play are rq'ing if so I dont really care about the 8 (~40-32) people going to another server. It is better than crashing


Should be nice if this gets fixed. When you have for example first a round tdm, you will have 10players in blue. For hide&seek you only make 6 spawns. If the next map will be h&s, many people will crash. It should be best if the rest joins spectators and can join manually instead of getting disconnected from the server

since when do you need more than 30 spawns in a dead game?

The reason I think that the workaround is not good is because a server shouldn't be switching to a map with 32 spawns and have 64 player slots, knowing it won't allow that many. Why is it a problem to add more spawns? 64 red spawns shouldn't be a problem, and on maps that don't have the room for that you have to think about if the map being suitable for 64 players at all.

But back to your question, that CVAR is also in 1fx. Mod and it *should* work. If it doesn't, that's a confirmed bug. I'm just against using it in servers, that's all.

Hans his comment is interesting though, because didn't think about scenarios like that. Switching from a regular team-based gametype to H&S will undoubtedly mess up blue spawns on most maps. Perhaps a forceteam to spec when coming from a different gametype to H&S is not a bad thing to implement.

...or eventeams on gametype init?

Or eventeams, that's even better.

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