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M4 pickup bug

Posted by empy on 17 January 2016 - 09:33 PM

Hey got a bug which could be problem. You keep picking up when M4 even when ammo is full.


In what gametype? The client can try to pickup ammo if it doesn't know its limits, which the server then declines. That could be your "picking up even when it's full" issue. You can check by moving away, the weapon pickup should still be there, intact.

check the vid. its in elim.

Oh, I'm sorry, didn't see the video link.

That is weird indeed, do you also get the bug when you adjust the g_enableM203 CVAR?

Cant use that. I'm using 0.78t.5c-pre+3d+dev.

changed severity to: 1 - Low
changed fixed-in version to: 0.78t
changed status to: Fixed Issue

It's indeed fixed in the latest preview, if you use TDM + g_enableM203 CVAR set to 0.

However, using this with ELIM was not supported, because I wasn't clever enough to check for the specified gametype data if pickups were enabled, but was instead checking for DM/TDM. So it's now truly fixed in the next 3D build.

Thanks for reporting!

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