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Posted by Cortez on 30 January 2016 - 04:10 PM

still got the same crash at mapcycle.. :( tried to connect to the real ip but couldnt connect to that one..


As mentioned in the shoutbox, I don't know if this is a 3D specific issue (caused by the DDOS filter) or a real issue in the Mod.

Until I get some light on that matter I won't attempt to fix it, mainly because I'd be looking for bugs that don't exist or are reproducible in any way in the Mod.

changed severity to: 5 - Critical
changed version to: 0.78t

Appears to be a Mod issue, introduced somewhere between 0.78t.4b and 0.78t.5b. I will give 3D a few test builds so we can narrow it down.

awesome, thanks boe! it's pretty annoying and people are rqing :(

New test build running since today morning.

Crash is between cda2628 (crashed) and 81908af (didn't crash)

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