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Maps acting weird

Posted by empy on 11 February 2016 - 08:23 PM

Yo some maps are acting weird. Like pra4 there are 2 fecnes 1 closed and 1 opened, on shop8 there is a random fence on the seeker spawn. I can send you the maps if you want.

And perhaps a screenshot of where it happens? Latest 3D build I presume? boe_testBSP set to 0 or 1?

Boetestbsp on 1 yes. Ill make screen tomorrow morning

Happens on both boe_testbsp 1 and 0
Posted Image

Ahh, I see. What entities are those gates? func_door?

In pra4 it's a func_wall entity enabled (so visible and static). Remove the func_wall entities or add "spawnflags" "1" to the func_wall entities. func_wall is just enabled and it's here to stay.

This is likely also the case in shop8, please test.

It works on pra4 by adding "spawnflags" "1" or deleting the func_wall.

On shop8 we cant access the bsp so we cant edit the funcwall.

Now i need to edit a shit ton of maps to delete weird func_wall's.

What bsp is that in shop8? Can you also send me the ent so I could check it out?

"classname" "misc_bsp"
"bspmodel" "instances/generic/fence01_ripped"
"origin" "-10775 7182 935"
"angles" "0 90 0"

And I send you the ent

Can you explain why you added funcwall? It messes with a lot of stuff in singleplayer maps. Like hk4: https://youtu.be/CeCYbzGqGzw

I know, that's why it's best to remove them, on single player maps at least.

They actually come in handy on Multiplayer maps, I added it because all DEM maps on Gold use them. You can do pretty cool stuff with them (enable/disable static objects, set off triggers etc), that's why I kept them enabled for v1.00 too.

Afaik, my BSP2Ent also removes func_wall entities, you could also use that tool. Or just delete all func_wall entities in existing maps.

I just checked out the shop8 entity, the fence being "opened" is also a part of a trigger, this was probably used in SP to open it up with the "use" key.

I'll look into ways so you can disable them when spawning from misc_bsp.

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changed fixed-in version to: 0.78t
changed version to: 0.78t

The fix is to add "spawnflags" "1" to the misc_bsp entities: if the internal func_wall entity doesn't already have spawnflags, it will take the misc_bsp spawnflags instead. That way you can disable the extra func_wall entities.

This does not work for me

You need to run the latest beta for this to work.

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