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Players in spec join up in-game when mapcycled

Posted by Stoppbiel on 13 April 2016 - 08:14 PM

Players in spec join up in-game when a map cycles to another map. Annoying. The AFKS usually end up in the seeker's team and fucks up the game.

changed severity to: 2 - Fair

This happens because the game starts with g_teamAutoJoin set to 1. Meaning all players will automatically join the game. I'd have to think of something for this specific issue.

In 3D H&S we've got autojoin enabled because whenever there comes a stab map or bluevsred-map. Otherwise slow-connectors are being dead before they even could start. We always have to do !gr numerous times so we decided to turn on autojoin. But its kinda annoying indeed when an H&S map comes up and 3 afk seekers..

True that. What I can do is implement a way to remember the AFK state during map switch, and not spawn the AFKers when g_teamAutoJoin is set to 1. Good idea?

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