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Callvote map not working

Posted by Shoke on 17 August 2017 - 11:53 PM

As the title says, using "callvote map [mapname] does not work

This was tested in 1fx server.

on v1.00 or v1.03?
/callvote map [mapname] seems to be working properly on gold. Testing on <HoP> Scrim and House of Pain Server, both seemed to work as expected:
1. /callvote map mp_jor1
2. Poll comes up with choices f1 or f2.
3. Poll Success mp_jor1 comes up.

Haven't been able to test it on our v1.00 server tho. Possible steps to reproduce, or might it be due to exclusive features or the vote being disabled?

Doesnt work on 1.00

I already fixed this, try it again in 1fx INF.

Yes it's working now. Well done

changed status to: Fixed Issue

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