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    AC crashes with no rights in directory

    Posted 15 Feb 2016

    Pretty serious issue imo, putting AC in a directory that usually requires elevated rights (root C: drive, or Program Files) causes AC to crash upon switching to the next map. First connect is fine, the next map (or reconnect) just causes SoF2MP.exe to stop working.

    Scores are gone when going to spec

    Posted 9 Feb 2016

    .. and back to the team. Reported in 1fx. INF.

    SOF2.wpn recoil edits have no effect

    Posted 9 Feb 2016

    In the latest preview. Reproduce this.

    H&S/H&Z not working correctly after switch

    Posted 9 Feb 2016

    - Try to start it from stretch to reproduce it.
    - Try to switch maps a few times (map or mapcycle_s).

    xBR paks not allowed

    Posted 31 Dec 2015

    Please allow the xBR paks in the anticheat. I also get a "NOT RUNNING" state when loading the new paks, no invalid error or something, just that it's not running.