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Issues I've Posted

    Score 5 points without 1 kill

    Posted 17 Jul 2013

    I'm not sure what is the main issue but maybe you got something wrong with you score board or something..

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Hope i helped..

    Cezch Republic LOL

    Posted 12 Jul 2013

    Is it me or i just moved country to cezch republic..


    Thanks in advance.

    Cage eventeams

    Posted 11 Jul 2013

    I got eventeams in some h&s server, when i played in the cage.

    col1 crash sof2

    Posted 9 Jul 2013

    I've changed map to col1 and the game got crash while loading "Creating terrain".

    DM have no weapons

    Posted 9 Jul 2013

    DM have no weapons, i think in 0.59 there was ak as default, but now DM have no weapons at all, not even random placed in map.