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Issues I've Posted

    !uba problem

    Posted 25 Jan 2012

    As u ll c in the SS we cant unban with reason ban list is too large :D

    specs chat.

    Posted 31 Oct 2011

    well i dont know if it is bug or if it is fixed from u boe.
    yes i can read specs chat when i am still alive.
    that might be enabled only for admins! It is good i like it to be as it is
    but u should know.

    specs chat!

    Posted 3 Oct 2011

    3 days now i noticed that when i kill someone i can c the spectators and dead's chat for couple seconds!!!
    it happens only when i kill someone. i didnt got any ss but i ll today.

    !uba <<ip>>

    Posted 31 Jan 2011

    Yesterday i had ban some1 for swearing my mom!
    Anyway i wanna unban him thought his leason was enough for couple hours ban!
    i tried to make !uba but no point, he still was in ban list!
    after all tried /adm unban ip and worked.
    That aint working only for me and should be fixed or we never make it work?