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Issues I've Posted

    autoswitchteam and !sw not working properly

    Posted 24 Jan 2017

    Switching teams in the beta on 3D fucks things really up. I didn't really test it properly but when doing !switch teams few times it can make the red spawns change blue and the some times you will appear in blue team on scoreboard while in game you are in red team. This also happens when the cvar for the auto switch teams is enabled. Really odd behavior. I would suggest testing it on elimination.

    Client name in logs when connecting

    Posted 12 Jun 2016

    I noticed that in the logs whens someone disconnects there is a name:
    06/12/2016 xx:xx - ClientDisconnect: [14] xx.xx.xx.xx\Emperor

    But when some one is connecting there is no name:

    06/12/2016 xx:xx - ClientConnect: [18] xx.xx.xx.xx
    06/12/2016 xx:xx- Client connected: [18]

    Is this suppose to be like this?

    Demo bug

    Posted 15 Mar 2016

    When you record a demo and it didnt finish before a players quits, mapcycle or server change it doesnt save and show on site. It should continue or q and save it.

    Cant make map elim

    Posted 21 Feb 2016

    Hello, I cant get singleplayers maps into elim. It will change to dm. !gt elim or setting it in the config also won't work.

    minplayers maxplayers

    Posted 20 Feb 2016

    Hé boe this probably has been suggested before but to make it official. Can you make a command for the mapcycle that determine how many players you need to play the next map and if not reached skip that map.

    map mp_shop
    g_gametype h&s
    g_minplayers 10 //so you need at least 10 players to play this map.
    g_maxplayers 20 //but if the player amount is over 20 still skip it.

    Tell me what you think!