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    exec admin cmd

    Posted 30 Aug 2014

    Command "punish"
    ShortCommand "!punish"
    Broadcast "punished a player"
    Description "punishes a player"
    AdminLevel "2"
    Action "twist %arg1; burn %arg1; runover %arg1"
    Command "fara"
    ShortCommand "!far"
    Broadcast "Forceteam & Respawn"
    Description "Forceteam & Respawn"
    AdminLevel "4"
    Action "forceteam %arg1 %arg2; respawn %arg1;"

    I used this and got it working by doing /adm punish 0
    But !punish 0 doesn't work.

    Same goes for /adm fara 0 r works, !far 0 r doesn't.
    when i do /adm fara 0   ( note: without 2nd argument ) the server will crash.

    the file https://www.mediafir...wca3seu4su4z52h