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    Autodownload feature

    Posted 29 Dec 2016


    It would be really nice if the autodownload feature will work perfectly. We tested it today and found out some left issues.
    First of all, it is really annoying that you can't see what you are downloading:
    Posted Image

    People will be much more patient when they see what they are downloading.
    The second point is that when someone has cl_allowdownload 1, the autodownloader also wants to download a map when the regular maps like mp_shop and inf are on. This should be excluded.

    Third point is that when the autodownloader finishes the download, it starts downloading the same thing again (so the download never ends!!!)

    Could you please get this working so we can test it out perfectly?

    skinbug caserun

    Posted 24 Dec 2015

    Sometimes you'll get a skinbug (looks like 4 dead bodies around you) when playing caserun. Probably because of the amount of dead bodies not dissapearing.

    eventeams caserun

    Posted 24 Dec 2015

    After a automatic eventeam, the briefcase will be returned at caserun :(

    First human turning into zombie

    Posted 30 Oct 2015

    You can avoid getting zombified as the first human when you crouchwalk into a wall in the map.

    timelimit zombies

    Posted 14 Oct 2014

    The timelimit wont hit, when you set a timelimit.Probably due to the fact that when every zombie gets killed = gametype restart.