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    devmap gametype reset

    Posted 5 Sep 2012

    Not really sure if this is a bug, but if i am playing on gametype h&s and i do /rcon devmap (same map) it will load inf, shouldn't this remain h&s? well i think it's that way on 2k3.

    trigger teleport

    Posted 13 Jan 2012

    something is messed up with trigger teleport, i wanted an invisible teleport area so i used trigger_teleport, however it give me a tele same as adding a teleporte. (so with the effect and not taking the proper teleport area). I'm sure i added this right, added it before and worked perfectly.

    This got even more messed up when i added some more code to it, (such as target speaker and a target_delay). But i guess thats because of the delay wich a trigger teleport can't have ??

    always loading nd.wpn???

    Posted 28 May 2011

    hi there, peace just tested out a minigame , everything worked except for the weaponfile, it always loads nd.wpn (map download + weaponfile + mc stuff is at www.sof2-edits.tk maps shop8)

    i checked in console with g_weaponmodfile , it should be the one i added

    being stuck in a door

    Posted 7 May 2011

    i just remember i have had this some times, if you go to a door and it opens sometimes you can get stuck int the open door. i have no time to make a screen of it for now, but if its needed i will :)

    removing h&s weapons

    Posted 27 Apr 2011

    can't remove weapons on h&s

    (hideSeek_availableWeapons  "200000000000000000000" doesn't work)