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#23644 Zombie Mod

Posted by maestro11 on 09 February 2016 - 07:32 PM in 1fx. Mod

Okay thanks boe, I will think about it man when we play some more zombies on Clan Nights then update about this topic. I just got too much insipration from zombie plague in cs lol. But either way  I will most certainly think about the potential improvements as it seems we get to test zombie mod with lots of people and I could help you with some insight guys. Maybe even record a video next time when we play in CN and show to you how it looks so we can improve it a little! Overall I do like the idea and experience is amazing. For me personally yes ofc I kinda like zombie plague verison in cs more, no pun intended as there is a strong horror element to it and even as I am a grown up sometimes there are real jumpscares happening in plague its fucking unbelievable lol. But yeah cya soon then!!!

#23636 Zombie Mod

Posted by maestro11 on 09 February 2016 - 04:16 PM in 1fx. Mod

ha ha brotha thanks puni for commenting, yes man I remember your opinion on it I just wanted to ask from developers is it like at all possible to do something like this in sof2 as in the video as I know so many people like to play it, just wanna know. I am not saying like the current one is bad or something, but the current one does need changes, but the one I am talking about is kinda completely different gameplay, so I just wanna know is my version possible at all, because I can invision it being very very fun, although ofc I am just a man and could be wrong, but this question has been bugging me alot.

PS. and yes zombies do have to have a nightvision by default in the settings i am proposing, the flashlight for humans could be kinda similar to the one in CS games

#23632 Zombie Mod

Posted by maestro11 on 09 February 2016 - 12:17 AM in 1fx. Mod

Hey guys just for the heck of it I thought to ask you a little about the zombie mod and maybe think about making it even better!

-What if make it like a elimination format, like for example if players kill all the zombies they win the round and if zombies infect all people they win the round?

-I would do it like people already start off with weapons of their choice and some fun custom nades like the one of the force field also there could be the default fire one and maybe a nade?

-The first zombie has to be quciker than human speed but drawn back if people shoot at him, also he has to have a bigger jump then humans, he is like the main zombie and has a lot of health to try to infect a minion zombie. his minion zombies are also not easily killed but still much more easily than the main zombie.

-To add a horror element to it if it's possible I would make maps a lot darker with practically no light and if it's possible I would make a flashlight to light a certain area of the crosshair of every human.

Let me give you a video to tell more of what I mean. I dunno bros if it's possible or what you think, but I do think this zombie mod thingy could be very very very fun for sof 2 community! :)


#23373 Player auto rec on server side

Posted by maestro11 on 15 December 2015 - 06:30 PM in 1fx. Mod

Yes! maybe for example track a specific player by his ID or CD key if one wants and get his demos without the need of the particular player or players to record demos themselves?