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#5225 1fx. Mod BETA Signup

Posted by rancohen on 06 June 2011 - 07:13 PM in 1fx. Mod

Ok I Just Hope It Will Be Released Fast  :)

#5208 1fx. Mod BETA Signup

Posted by rancohen on 04 June 2011 - 01:05 PM in 1fx. Mod

Hello PeopleZ

Own a Game Server: Yes I Have Owned Few Server's And I'm really good at that , i play with my friends homemade the best ! :D

General Tech. Level: Medium
SoF2 Tech level: High / Have Much Skills At SOF2 Editing , Etc.

Are determined to find/seek out bugs: Very much - Yes / Like I Said , its easy to find bugs :)
Are determined to post every minor flaw: Yes - No
How much time you're willing to put into this: 5 - 7  on Weekly - Monthly basis.

Previous Mod experience: Yes [R.S.I] Hide&Seek Mod + Fixed At That Few Bugs (If Yes, where?)
A few notes why you're the tester we're looking for: Nice Question , Well  I Really Love 1fx And That Hide&Seek Mod is The Best To Test On And There is No Any Hide&Seek Mod To Download, That Why i Like This Hide&seek Mod And Want To Own It. (E.g.: I love your Mod. Or: I truly wish for a freely available alternative).