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!uba problem

Posted by Stallion on 25 January 2012 - 12:41 PM

As u ll c in the SS we cant unban with reason ban list is too large :D

Updating severity to: 0 - None Assigned
Updating status to: Open Issue
Updating version to: 0.59
Issue fixed in: None

I added overflow error handling a few versions back but I see that all commands that work with the banlist file aren't using the same size standards (which I expected they did). I'll change this, thanks for reporting!

Thats my duty!

Can u delete the duplicate just in case this starts work?

Updating severity to: 2 - Fair
Updating status to: Fixed Issue
Updating version to: 0.59
Issue fixed in: 0.60t

Just fixed this in revision 767.

Thanks for reporting!

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